“Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.”
Deepak Chopra.

About Us


To provide exciting, professional and coherent services on clear objectives and topical themes. We will work to create memorable events for our clients-and to make the process pleasant and stress-free.
To become the leading company in conference and event management to businesses and stakeholders by consistently providing outstanding services that will create an extraordinary event and conferencing experience.

To make every event delightfully unique through creative vision, perfect coordination and implementation.

To build on passion, drive, and enthusiasm for every event we create or help create. We work hard and invest all energy into the creation of unforgettable events.

We take pride in our work, therefore, with our years of experience, qualified staff, excellent coordination and planning skills, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction when you allow us to take charge of every detail.


Three words embody the philosophy and operating skills of Bliss events.

Excellence, Commitment and Results.

Meet the team

At the heart of Bliss events is a dynamic and driven team surrounded with great collaborators. Together, we are an amalgam of event and travel designers, whose mission is to design the structure of an event, organize the layout of its spaces and, ultimately, lead to its realization.

Kostas’ twenty-plus year career in the tourism business and event organizing has spanned all aspects of destination management, principally in Greece, but also Around the world. Extensive travel to Europe, the US, Africa and Asia has attuned him to a wide range of the client needs. This and his long experience in program planning and operation provides the foundation for effective and creative solutions for all client ground handling requirements. A great believer in hands-on management, Kostas involves himself operationally on-site with as many incentive programs, corporate events and congress turnarounds as he can.

Lida has 17 years experience in the travel, hospitality and tourism industries in Greece and around the world. Her passion is evident, being involved with program development from inception through to dynamic execution. Her dedication to operating successful programs that exceed client expectations is second to none.


With over 15 years in the Congress, Events and Travel industries, Panagiotis has experience in management consultation, team building, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Panagiotis has managed hundreds of projects for Medical Associations as well as for Life Sciences Industry.

With over two decades of experience in the fields of alternative tourism, special events organization and incentive trips’ coordination in Greece and worldwide, George has built his career “off the beaten track” being a pioneer of the alternative leisure sports and the experiential education activities in Greece. In the last 7 years he lives in Bavaria/Germany working as an events organizer, aerial photography drone pilot and as hotelier.

Basiliki has been vastly intrigued by and dedicated to music, and especially the piano, since a very young age. Her first steps within the field of music are dated back in 1999. Further to that, her keen interest in teaching children guided her to follow an undergraduate education, and subsequent career, in Music. She acquired a specialisation in Music Theory, Practice and Composition as well as in Orchestrating musical groups and choirs. During her academic and professional career, she gained experience, knowledge and creativity that enthusiastically passes on to her students.


Galateia’s 5 year association so with kids with special needs as with children with typical growth has taught her, that the most effective way to interact, motivate and develop children is the issue of children’s interaction between honesty and confidence. After volunteering in an orphanage, she was determined to teach children the simple acceptation of love and generousness, making this way the learning community safe and successful.Widely she is certified and experienced in teaching children with special needs. Her own goal, besides children’s knowledge base, as an educator, is to inspire children build and maintain an effective management of their behavior and effectively cultivate an attitude of respect and mutual assistance with their classmates.


Stavroula has four years of experience as a primary school teacher. Her passion for finding gambling and alternative ways of learning is obvious when one meets her. She loves travel and is always committed to her purpose.



In addition to studying in the preschool education for children with special needs,Niki has also been involved in volunteering. For many months she has offered love and support to children with special needs, but also to children with no special needs. After her graduation her dream has come true by working in private nursery schools and creative childcare. Through years of experience, she believes that children can get a lot more stimuli through game play and creative activities, beyond standardized teaching methods.


We always help our clients develop a clear vision of what they wish to achieve, and to create and execute a complete solution that brings their vision into reality using proven strategies, innovative ideas, limitless resources, and professional expertise in the event management and function planning industry.

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