Community Development Management

Community Development Management

Promoting the power of the community.

The United Nations defines community development broadly as "a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

Community development involves changing the relationships between ordinary people and people in positions of power, so that everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives. It starts from the principle that within any community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channeled into collective action to achieve the communities' desired goals.

We work with community development practitioners, alongside with the people in communities to help build relationships with key people and organizations and to identify common concerns. They create opportunities for the community to learn new skills and, by enabling people to act together, community development practitioners help to foster social inclusion and equality.

Besides the CSR programs we offer to our corporate clients, we have created a Children's Center for Creative Activities promoting healthy children's development. It is located in the village of Zagora, Thessaly region of Greece.

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